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Remember to tHomework Week 3
What’s in a Name?
Write down all your Christian names.
Find out who named you and why they chose these/ this name for you.
Where does your name come from? E.g particular culture
Or are there any stories about your name
Who are the people in your family that have the same name as yours?  (if any)
What is your opinion of your name?
Do you have any nicknames given to you by your family and why did you get call these names?
If you could choose another  name what would you change it to and why?
What is a name that describes you in a positive way?  E.g Fabulous Patricia
Would you like to add anything else??
This work is due on Friday.  Think about how you are going to present this task.  We discussed trying a Prezi or perhaps using Powerpoint

 Homework: Week 1 Term 2

Week 10

Title: My Hero
Choose a person whom you believe has made changes to the lives of people in a community or on a wider scale.
Criteria: these things should be part of your biography
1. Identify your key questions
2. Brainstorm what you know about the person
3. Organise your information into categories by forming lists or creating a concept map
4. All your information should be written in your own words.
5. Use the criteria for language and structural features that we have already developed during class
Presentation: Google Docs, Write it out or present as a poster.
You may wish to add a timeline
Due date: Next Wednesday April 17

Week 9
Ensuring we Are Working towards Achieving Our Goals
Students this week have been asked to take responsibility towards achieving their goals.  They are doing this by identifying what they can actively do at home to make steps towards getting to where they would like to be.
Many students will be keeping reading logs which they can share with me.  A summary of each chapter they have read would be evidence of having been responsible for their own learning.
I am looking forward to seeing evidence of learning and progress being made over the next few weeks.
Week 7
Current Events
The Issue: Drought
What is a drought and how is it caused?
What are the short and long term effects of drought?
Who are the people involved?  (be specific)
What are the possible outcomes?  How may we have to change the way we use and view water as a resource?
Presentation: Poster
Criteria for presentation: Your poster should have the following things:

  • a title
  • subheadings to help to organise your information and to help the reader find what they are seeking
  • Text borders - ruled
  • A page border (be creative)
  • Colour which adds to the visual impact of your work
  • a map to show the locations of the drought areas
  • the layout of items should be balanced.  Space should be used effectively
  • choose a font which is easy to read.  Use size 12.
Content Criteria:
  • the information needs to be written in your own words
  • spelling, punctuation and grammar should be accurate
  • paragraphs should be used
  • the main ideas should have supporting details 
This work is due on April 3

Week 6
Bio Poem - Click here for the format.
This a poem about you.  It describes your feelings and fears, among other things.
Criteria for Content:
The poem contains 11 lines.
Each new description starts on a new line
Use describing words that accurately represent your personality, feelings and fears.
Words, such as: nice, cool and fun, are banned as they are boring words
Spelling should be accurate
The first word of every line should have a capital letter

Week 3
Cornerstones of Maeroa Intermediate School
Organised Learner
Use the following question starters to put together a presentation about being, “An Organised Learner”.
Question Starters:
What (is an organised learner?)
Where? (where do you have to practice being an organised person?)
How? (can you become more organised?)
Why? (should you be organised?)

Synonyms: what are some other words which mean the same as being organised?  Add these words to your presentations.
Add Image, photos and text to add to your message.  Quotes can also be used.
Can be a poster but try to make your presentation more 3D.
Any lettering should be block
Use colour to enhance the visual impact that your presentation has.
You may like to use EdGlogster.
Personal Goal
Set a personal goal to improve your organisational skills.
This work is due on Friday of this week.
Have fun and let me know if you need assistance in any way.

Week 2 Can you solve this puzzle?  Click on this link: A Mixed-up Clock .  When you think you have solved it, then submit your solution online.
Complete your presentation: Me, Myself and I. Click on this link, Week 2 Homelearning, where you will find further information about P.E and tasks.

Week 1:
This week you will complete a presentation about yourself.  As a class we will decide what to include in the presentation and the format we will use.
As part of your presentation I would like you to reply to my letter that introduces me.
I am looking forward to seeing some creative presentations and interesting content.

A Little Bit About Me by Miss Hart Room 09 Teacher

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